It takes two to make a great instrument

I had a dream of building my own Spanish guitar when the first time I learnt how to play it, back in 1999. After many years of playing and collecting fine instruments, in 2015 I built my first guitar in La Herradura Granada, under the instructions of Stephen Hill and Pablo Requena. Since then, my life have changed completely. Now as a guitar maker, I build about 12 guitars a year, primarily in the style of Santos Hernandez.

I've been following Richard Brune's method of guitar making since my second guitar, such as using hide glue to naturally form a top dome; mold-free assembly, etc., though Richard always humbly refers it as traditional method used by those early 20th century great masters rather than his own method. For me, this method captures the essence of the art of guitar making, and it is Richard from whom I've learnt. So I personally call it "Richard Brune's method", and with Richard's permission, I print it on my label.

I own a small collection of fine instruments, including guitars built by Santos Hernandez, Enrique Garcia, Daniel Friederich, Hermmann Hauser I, Jose Ramirez I and a few others. I use this collection as my reference and as benchmark as well. At the moment, a Santos Hernandez guitar built in 1936 is the prototype for most of my works. For me, it is crucial to get close with great instruments. When you lay your fingers on them, you will know much more than just from blueprints.

For price and estimated delivery time, please inquiry via: Currently, the waiting time is about 9-12 months.