Santos Hernandez

Most of my guitars are based on 1936 Santos Hernandez in my collection. 

Here are a quick comparison between the original and two of my Santos Hernandez copies from 2019(One maple and one rosewood).

Played by my friend and guitarist Huizhe Li. 

Arcangel Fernandez 

I highly admired Arcangel Fernandez's work, also in my mind, he is highly underrated.  I made about few guitars based on a 2000 Arcangel Fernandez. 

This comparison is between 2007 Arcangel Fernandez and a copy I made in 2018.

Played by my friend and guitarist Huizhe Li. 

Antonio de Torres

Unlike most guitar makers, I didn't make any Torres guitar until I made about 50 guitars. I played and examined about 20 Torres in person, including few famous ones, 1888 SE114 for example. 

Among all the Torres I played, the 1888 SE124 impressed me most. And it is the most familiar Torres to me. I played it at least hundred times. 

Here is a comparison between the 1888 Torres SE124 and my very first Torres copy from 2019. Played by my maestro Richard Brune. 

Vicente Arias

Vicente Arias is one of my favorite guitar makers. His craftsmanship is second to none.  I still can't figure out that how he did some of the most complicated inlay works. He is a great inspiration to me. 

I played 12 Vicente Arias personally, about 1/3 of his existing works .  Here is a comparison of the 1906 Vicente Arias in my collection and my very first copy from 2019. Played by my friend and guitarist Huizhe Li. 

Enrique Garcia 

I have two Enrique Garica in my collection. That is how much I love his works. 

Here is a comparison of the 1909 Enrique Garcia in my collection and my very first copy from 2019. Played by my friend and guitarist Huizhe Li. 

Jeffery Elliott

For many years, I never played a single guitar made by Jeffery. It became a mystery for me. Fortunately in 2019, I was lucky enough to played 4 of his instruments.  The unique texture of his guitars caught me immediately. 

I called Jeffery to know if possible that I can learn the top tuning with him. And he generously offered a 2 days workshop for me. 

Here is a comparison with a 2015 Jeffery Elliott and my first copy. Played by my friend and guitarist Huizhe Li. 

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